The Morginsky Family

Colorado Family Photography


Dad- Matt

Mom- Sharon

Maggie age 10

Abraham age 9

Frankie age 6

Rivka age 3

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How did you and your husband meet?

We met at a mutual friends house and then realized we went to the same church. The first time he asked me out was to go to Sunday School with him.

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Colorado Family Photography

For the kiddo’s:

What is your favorite thing about your mom?

Frankie: She plays pretend with us.

Rivka: She puts new dresses on me.

Maggie: She supports our dreams and wishes.

Abraham: She takes us on adventures.

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Colorado Family Photography

What is your favorite thing about your dad?

Frankie: He tells us stories about Teddy Roosevelt every night.

Maggie: He shares the same musical and historical interestes as me.

Abraham: My favorite thing is that he’s my dad.

Rivka: When he plays guitar and I dance!

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Colorado Family Photography


Are you excited to have another sibling?




Kinda annoying…..

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Colorado Family Photography

Ok back to you, do you have any weird cravings being pregnant?

Thankfully not! I normally crave fresh fruit!

Do you know the gender?

Baby Girl!!!!

Colorado Family Photography

Best part of having a big family?

There is always entertainment! Someone is always singing or dancing! My hope is that my kids will continue to remain close and have wonderful friendships into adulthood.

Colorado Family Photography

Favorite Family Activity?

Hiking! Just kidding- we have to bribe them with chocolate to hike. They do love camping!

Any funny moments or embarrassing stories?

Our last home birth all our kids were present and one shouted “that’s disgusting!” as the baby emerged. We all laughed hard. I’m sure this time we will get some similar comments!

Any advice for new moms?

For new moms I always encourage them to stay in bed, get to know your baby and rest, rest, rest. We always try to do too much right after delivery and this is a sweet moment in life we don’t get back.

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