The Divine Family

Colorado Springs Family Photographer

Dad: Noah

Mom: Julie

Avery age 11

Evelyn age 9

Piper age 7

Everett age 18 month

Colorado Springs Family Photographer

How long have we been married?
17 years in December

Favorite thing to do together as a family?

We love outdoor adventuring – hiking, camping, and exploring nature.

Funniest family moment?
The day-to-day reality of life with four active kids is pretty hilarious. I started writing down the funny things our kids say and love to revisit that for a good laugh. We also regularly enjoy family dance parties. You know – crank up the music and let the kids take turns modeling a crazy dance move for everyone else to try. Little kids can be so wonderfully creative and love to move. Trying to imitate the toddler’s latest booty shake is the best.

What is it like to have a boy after 3 girls?

After receiving our ultrasound results, I giggled for days. I never imagined parenting a son. I mean, we KNOW girls. What would we do with a boy? He is a huge blessing to our family and I’m enjoying the variety he brings to our life. At just 18 months, I’ve been quite surprised at how different he plays. Our house is littered with little matchbox cars and anything not nailed down will be thrown across the room. His older sisters dote on him and are learning to keep their precious things tucked away lest they be found later (with all of the toothbrushes) in the toilet.

Any advice for mommas of babies?

Intentionally cultivate your unique style of mothering. I really wrestled with this early in my mothering years, comparing myself to other moms and trying a bit too hard to emulate what I admired in other women. God has made us each so wonderfully unique and so our mothering should embrace that uniqueness. There is something to appreciating how God has wired us as individuals, and allowing those passions, quirks, strengths and weaknesses to breathe instead of trying to squelch them in the pursuit of being someone else. I have found it so helpful to glean wisdom from a variety of places: older women I admire, parenting books, other mom friends, and asking God for strength and guidance throughout.

A little side note from Jen:  I have been photographing this family since 2011. WHAT?!?  I love them to pieces and Julie is truly one of my best friends.  We have been doing this little “jazz hands” pic for the last 3 years.  I laugh so hard every year I come across editing these.




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