My Bedroom Reveal

I have always thought if this photog thing doesn’t work out maybe I could do interior design??  😉 . One thing about me that I am sometimes embarrassed to say is that I never went to college.  It’s always the second question someone asks you when you meet for the first time.  Where did you grow up?  Where did you go to college?  It used to really really bother me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am all about education and learning.  I pray my kids will go to college.  I DO tell them and young adults all the time if they are willing to learn and work really hard they can do just about anything.  I never imagined I would have a full time photography business and it has been possible with a very supportive husband and lots of really hard work.  My husband tells me I don’t know how to sit still and he is probably right. 😉  Maybe I work best under pressure and with a full plate, but God is definitely working on me and teaching me rest is good too.  Enough about that…..onto the room.  Each fall as the photography session slows down a bit I get an itch to be creative in another outlet.  I think it helps keep the creative juices flowing.  This year I decided to tackle our bedroom.  With the help of a few other creatives here is the big REVEAL!  This room could not have been possible without one of my dearest friends.  Chris Rapert is an incredibly talented interior designer and she spent hours working alongside of me and helping me create this modern, boho feel.  If you are in need of an interior designer I highly recommend her.  Check her out here.

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chandelier / beddinglampsshades / nightstands 

The headboard is really the main focal point of the whole room.  Originally I thought we wouldn’t have a headboard but our room is pretty big and I was just afraid the bed would get lost on the long wall.  With the help of my husband and an amazing carpenter my vision came to life.  It’s my favorite piece in the room!  If you are in need of a carpenter, Carl Nelson is your man.  Contact him here.


We added a touch of pink to the room because we all know by now I have a thing for pink.  We felt like we could do that because there is quite a bit of masculine things in the room.

Chris found the art on etsy.  They are watercolors of mountainscapes.  They are gorgeous and the headboard plays off of that with the mountain feel.


I really wanted a seating area in our room.  Somewhere I could curl up with a good book and a coffee.


coffee table / ring holder/ marble camera

I love that all these accessories speak very much to who Drew and I are.  From the marble camera, to the mountain ring holder, to the tree slab coffee table.  Chris found all these pieces and I am thrilled with them all.

I tried to link most of the items in the room.  If they are unavailable I linked similar pieces.  Most of the places we shopped have amazing sales so wait for them and snag them like we did.  Happy Monday!!

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