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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer – Four Topics to Consider

In the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege to enter some of the most intimate spaces. A romantic engagement photoshoot. That magical “first look” when a bride and groom first catch glimpses of each other on their wedding day. The expressions of love shared by family members gathered from near and far. 

For the couple planning a wedding, how do you determine which photographer – among many worthy options – to invite into those intimate spaces of your special day? 

How can you be confident the investment you make in a photographer will result in the kind of keepsake images you desire?

As I consider my own wedding and the many couples I’ve been blessed to serve, thoughtfully considering the following questions helps ensure wedding photography success:


Your wedding photographer will be at your side on one of the most important days of your life. Even more than the mother of the bride or the wedding party, the wedding photographer is a key component of every aspect of the wedding day.

Given the amount of time you’ll spend with the photographer, its helpful to choose someone whose personality is enjoyable and works well with your own. 

Before hiring a photographer, consider: Do I like this person’s personality? Am I comfortable around this person? Can I be myself in their presence?

As its difficult to determine personality from a website, an in-person meeting can help determine if the photographer and engaged couple are a good match.

As a photographer, one of my favorite parts of the job is meeting prospective clients, learning their stories and hearing their plans for the future. Understanding a bit of each couples’ uniqueness helps me accurately showcase their personalities and story through photography.

A great way to “test” your fit with a photographer is to book an engagement session to get a sense of compatibility. 


Photography is both an art and a science, but it’s the art that steals the show. Consider your personal style when selecting a wedding photographer. For example, do you prefer light and airy imagery? Or are you drawn to a darker more melancholy image? When you think of the kinds of images you might frame and hang in your home, are they posed groupings, or more like a documentary display of the day? It’s helpful to choose a photographer whose predominate style matches your own. Pinterest is a great resource to help determine the kinds of images you’re drawn to and the specific photographic style you’d like to have represented at your wedding. 

As a photographer, I want my clients to look through their photo gallery and feel as though they are enjoying afresh one of the best days of their lives. In reality, the actual wedding day goes by so fast. I want the images I produce to evoke all of the feelings a couple experienced on their wedding day. 

Some of my favorite images show:

  • The giddiness of the bride and her bridal party as they prepare for the ceremony
  • The groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle
  • The powerful emotion of the first kiss as husband and wife
  • The joy of the couple’s parents and special guests as they witness love on display
  • The “watch this” moves on the dance floor

With so much happening, you want a photographer who will expertly capture both expected and the unexpected moments. 

Stay tuned for the next blog post and two more topics to consider when choosing a wedding photographer.

Thank you Will and Katie for trusting me to photograph your beautiful day. Your love for each other and those around you was so evident.

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