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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer – Four Topics to Consider, Continued

In my last post, we highlighted some of the reasons its important to choose a wedding
photographer whose personality and artistic style complement your own.
While personality and photographic style are slightly ambiguous, the specifics of a
photographer’s experience and value can be easier to identify.
On the topic of wedding photography, you might hear a variety of horror stories. The
photographer who showed up late and missed an important moment. A technical malfunction
which resulted in missing images. An inexperienced photographer who misread the lighting and
produced a series of washed out photos.
When considering a photographer, it can be helpful to ask:

  • How long have you been photographing weddings?
  • Do you have insurance for your business?
  • How does your contract work?
  • Do you have a back-up camera in case you experience technical difficulties?
  • Can I speak to your references?
  • What’s your track record in working with other vendors, such as a videographer, D.J., or
    wedding coordinator?
    Photography may be one of your primary monetary investments. Its important that you have
    confidence in your photographer’s professionalism and relevant experience.
    Investment Value

What should you expect to pay for wedding photography? The answer to this question is varied
– just as is the question of the bride’s wedding gown. Some couples are completely satisfied
with a limited photo package – just images of the ceremony and bridal party afterward, please.
Others desire a photojournalist’s eye to capture the unexpected beauty that occurs throughout
the wedding day. When considering the cost of a photographer, it’s important to consider:

  • What’s included in each of the photographer’s wedding packages? Will I pay extra for
    rights to digital images and a professional photo album? Or are those included in the
    quoted price?
  • What services are really important to me? Would we like an engagement session and
    extra hours to cover the reception? Considering which services you desire can help
    ensure you maximize your investment.
  • Consider how important wedding photography is to your overall wedding experience.
    Couples will come to different conclusions about how to invest their wedding budget. As
    I reflect on my own wedding, I don’t exactly recall the reception menu, but I benefit everyday from the investment made in quality wedding photography.

Below is another favorite wedding this past year. With Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak as your backdrop it is sure to be a GORGEOUS day! Thank you Nate and Linda for allowing me to capture your beautiful day! Also, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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